Snapchat filter lets you look like Hillary Clinton in a pantsuit

Hillary Clinton Snapchat filters

Photo via Denys Prykhodov / Shutterstock (Licensed) juliagoolia97 / Twitter | Remix by Jason Reed

A Trump filter is coming tomorrow.

Hillary Clinton’s penchant for pantsuits has become the hottest meme of this election, the outfit having become a sort of fashion synecdoche for the candidate. Now Snapchat has hopped aboard the style obsession with a filter that lets you look like Clinton, pantsuit and all.

The filter is part of an ad buy from pro-Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA. There’s also a filter that says, “I’m with her.”

The pantsuit love has also come in the form of Pantsuit Nation, a pro-Clinton Facebook group, whose over 1.5 million members say they will dress in pantsuits when voting tomorrow. Though the Facebook page is a place where members celebrate their support for Clinton, founder Libby Chamberlain told Mashable, "All of us in this group want to see her win, but we all recognize that’s just one of many steps. It’s not the last one."

While many are heralding any reason to don the pantsuit, others are complaining that Snapchat is showing bias by not having an accompanying Trump filter, presumably one that gives you his signature hairdo and dyes your skin orange.

However, Ad Age says Trump will also have a presence on Snapchat tomorrow. So hold tight Trump supporters!
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