Award-winning journalist Gwen Ifill dead at 61

Gwen Ifill

Photo via PBS NewsHour/WikiMedia Commons (CC-BY)

The PBS 'NewsHour' host was role model to many women and black people in media.

Award-winning journalist Gwen Ifill, who helped pave the way for black and female journalists, has died today at age 61. According to her employer PBS NewsHour, Ifill died of cancer.

Born in New York City and the daughter of a preacher, Ifill started her career reporting for Baltimore and Boston papers in the late 1970s—a time when there were few women or black people covering politics in the newsroom. She eventually moved on to the Washington Post, the New York Times, and NBC News, and was currently the moderator for PBS's Washington Week and the co-anchor of the station's NewsHour. Most recently, she and fellow NewsHour co-anchor Judy Woodruff moderated a Democratic Primary debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. 

Many online, both journalists and fans, are paying tribute to Ifill, who was one of the first black journalists to ever anchor a political news show. 


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