The 14 best sites for female erotica

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From audio to visual, these sites will fill all your needs

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Nearly 30 percent of all Internet traffic is porn. But filtering through the muck for the smut is a little tedious. To help you out, the Daily Dot rounded up some of the best sites for written, audio, and visual erotica on the Web.

1) Sssh

Sssh is your one-stop sexy shop. The site has video, audio, and erotic fiction. Sssh is a membership-only site that caters exclusively to women. A year-long membership is $99.95 or you can subscribe monthly for $19.95.

Members-only features on Sssh

Members-only features on Sssh

2) Adult Mag

Adult Mag is both a magazine and an online site for erotica. The stories have a more literary tone and the categories range from “Belles-Lettres,” essays on adult themes, and their erotic fiction section, which is called Bedtime Stories.

Erotica for All

3) Erotica for All

At first glance, Erotica for All, seems to be a site solely focused on marketing erotic novels. However, if you click over to the Free Reads section, there is a variety of erotic fiction to suit all your fantasies.

4) Wicked

Wicked is a subscription site with videos and erotica in a full range of categories that are easily searchable. The site seems more geared toward men, but there is plenty of  high-quality material for everyone. A yearlong membership works out to $9.16 a month.

5) Crash Pad

Crash Pad is a queer porn video site and has been featured on HBO’s Real Sex series. The site costs $25 a month, or $9.99 a month if you subscribe for a year.

Crash Pad's cast of characters

Crash Pad's cast of characters Crash Pad

6) Kinkly

Kinkly is an erotica site with a wealth of free sexy stories, a sex toy directory, and a directory of sex bloggers.

7) Nerve

Founded in 1997, Nerve has been a home for quality sex writing for almost 20 years. The archives have a small but very high-quality collection of erotic fiction from Alice Sebold, Mary Karr, Jonathan Lethem, and others.

8) Juicy Peach

For audio erotica fans, Juicy Peach remixes the sounds of sex with music.

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9)  Erotic Audio Submissions

This Tumblr is a treasure trove of audio erotica from amateurs.

10) Literotica

The erotica on Literotica is user-submitted and can be hit or miss. But there is a lot of it, and it is searchable by category and user rankings for stories, which helps readers sift through to find the best.

11) Nifty

Nifty caters to gay, lesbian, and transgender tastes. The site is older and isn’t updated frequently, but it has a huge archive of erotica. 

12) Libida

Libida is a site that promotes healthy sexuality in women and offers an archive of steamy stories.

13) Caffeiri

Caffeiri is a collection of short erotica that gets directly to the point, as it were. The collection is free to access but not sorted by category.

14) After Dark 

After Dark offers book reviews of erotic fiction, surveys, interviews, and, of course, a selection of erotic stories. The archive isn’t searchable by category or fetish, but it is quite extensive. Have fun exploring.

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