Olympic fencer does the most millennial thing of all, picks up phone mid-match

Olympic fencer picking up cell phone

Screengrab via NBCOlympics.com

Enzo Lefort wins the gold in millennialing.

French fencer Enzo Lefort won a bronze medal in the 2014 World Championships and was the European and World team champion in 2014. He is also a millennial and couldn't separate himself from his phone for the length of a fencing match.

When the 24-year-old dropped his cell in the middle of a bout with Germany's Peter Joppich, he had to stop to pick it up. 

And the internet responded as the internet does, with humor:

Hey, at least he didn't check for any missed texts or take a swipe through Tinder. 
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Every four years, the world's finest athletes come together for the Summer Olympics to battle it out in events like swimming, cycling, and more. The Opening Ceremony is a joyous event with each country proudly marching with their flags to help kick things off.
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