The best photos of dogs begging for Thanksgiving scraps

Thanksgiving | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
You say no to that face.

Dogs may not use calendars, but they know all about Thanksgiving. When else, in the course of a year, does that unique mélange of culinary scents—prime among them the mouth-wateringly savory smell of a properly basted turkey—fill the air? 

Yes, for many Americans, the holiday is incomplete without a few searching, soulful, puppy-dog looks from a furry face wedged between their thighs beneath the dining room table. Below are a few of the best (i.e., most shameless) canine begging displays that social media had to offer. If nothing else, we ought to applaud these mutts' patience and determination.

As a bonus entry, here’s a photo of my parents’ majestic golden retriever, Harper, gazing longingly at our carved-up bird. (Full disclosure: I definitely snuck her some pieces of meat when nobody was looking. Thanksgiving is about generosity, let’s not forget.)

Photo by DESSART///Flickr   

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