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This polar vortex ain't all bad.

The way we humans interact with snow—shoveling, salting, digging our cars out or trudging miserably to work—you almost forget what a magical spell it can cast. Dogs, of course, will never have this problem: They can’t wait to bound through and roll around in the stuff.

It’s well worth your while, then, to join Kingsley, a 4-year-old German shorthaired pointer who “doesn’t mind” having a GoPro camera strapped to his back, as he enjoys the first major snowfall of 2014. To go charging through the blinding white powder with him is exciting enough, but you’ll also experience the thrill of catching a frisbee in your mouth.

Playtime is followed by a nap in a favorite easy chair, which seems all the cozier after a spin in the frosty outdoors. It’s a full-time job, being man’s adventurous, adorable best friend—but doggone it, somebody’s got to do it.

Photo via Daniel O’Donnell/YouTube

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