The best vintage Hillary looks are on this Instagram

Hillary Looks

Photo via Hillarylooks/Instagram (CC-BY)

From stealth boss to Kardashian muse, these are Clinton's most iconic style moments.

If you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter hoping to quell your election anxiety, look no further than the HillaryLooks Instagram. Created by L.A.-based children's librarian Alana Johnson, the account is a safe harbor from a long, punishing news cycle, featuring gorgeous vintage pictures of Clinton that are sure to soothe your soul.

You may already be familiar with classics like this young Hillary wearing perfect specs and epic striped pants.

And of course, there’s that classic photo of cooler-than-James-Dean Hillary, leaning in shades against a wall—the one that makes us all breathe a deep sigh of relief, like, “OK. She’s got this.”

But the best part of the HillaryLooks Instagram account is that it features deep cuts. Scroll through and you will find many lesser-known, but equally thrilling style iterations of who could be our first woman president.

Like this adorably colorful and happy Hillary moment:

Then there are the times where Hillary totally gets how “over it” you feel.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

She’s over it in mint.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

She’s over it on a plane.

She’s beautifully furious in delicate polka dots.

shoutout to the press pool 😘

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

And she’s a total fucking boss in salmon.

Sunny Hillary laughs at her haters in yellow.

And, my god, can this girl rock a statement piece.

Like these sunnies.

This necklace.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

This hat.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

Or, this hat.

Or, this HAT.

This COAT. She is a walking museum of art!

I mean, this hat, this coat, this everything.

Hillary knows how to stand out, but she also knows how to blend in with the queen.

Then there’s sporty Hillary, hanging in all black at the Yankees game.

Pitching with elegance in an accent scarf.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

And swinging at the glass ceiling in gingham.

And then there’s cuddly Hillary.

Here’s she is, smizing in paisley with a young Bill.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

Here’s a better look at that blouse. I mean, wow.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

Here she is canoodling in a hammock in a perfect ribbed sweater.

She serves teal realness with young Chelsea.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

And shimmers in midnight blue with her baby girl by her side.

Hillary knows how to sparkle; she can rock a top that's fit for a Kardashian.

Seriously, though, has Kim been going through Hillary's early-90s laundry?

Here she is looking like a goddam lady of the lake.

And here she is in a pantsuit for the gods.

She glows like a 90s film goddess.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

And has the quiet radiance of a young French actress.

She rocks a fur coat like a total G.

A photo posted by Alana Johnson (@hillarylooks) on

She is a G.

Maybe you didn’t hear, me. I’ll say it again.

She’s a G.

She looks fresh to death in the kitchen.

And she’s bringing fresh greens and fresh stripes back.

And we're like, "Yes, yes, yes, yes."

So if you’re waiting for November 8th like...

The HillaryLooks Instagram account is here for you.

Take a break from the world, pour yourself a big glass of vintage Hillary looks, and visualize breezing into November 9th like...

Treat yourself to this deep dive. You deserve it.
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