'Day 1 in Trump's America': A damning look into the country's soul

Trump's America

Photo via Avarice Gambino/Twitter (CC-BY)

These Twitter Moments are bleak as f*ck.

Presented without commentary, here is Genius Senior Editor Insanul Ahmed's Twitter Moments series called "Day 1 in Trump's America": 

Day 2 should be interesting.
donald trump
White people just made Trump the most powerful man in the free world
For the people upset about Donald Trump’s victory, there is a lot of blame to go around. There’s the gutting of the Voting Rights Act that stripped the right to vote from who knows how many. There are the deep veins of racism and sexism and xenophobia that conservatives have been dog-whistling for generations, but that Trump made explicit. There’s the Democratic Party’s reluctance to engage with the left. But for many, there is one main culprit: white people.
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