Scumbag Stepdad will send his stepdaughter to the game with a stranger

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The suitor will be chosen at midnight on Sept. 19, so if you're a fan of college football and blatantly dysfunctional families, act now!

Would you like tickets to see a Florida Gators game? One local man is willing to hand them over—along with his stepdaughter!

Over the past couple days, visitors to the Gainesville, Fla., Craigslist have likely come across the once-in-a-lifetime offer. An unidentified man explained that his stepdaughter's companion suddenly backed out of their date to the upcoming Sept. 21 matchup between the Gators and the Tennessee Volunteers. Instead of swallowing the $150 loss, the man turned to the ultimate pimping board and offered any willing spectator a ticket, providing that they escort his stepdaughter.

Obviously, the date-less stepdaughter is pleasing to the eye. And (phew!), at least he's vetting applicants by requiring a photo and résumé. But one has to wonder what kind of mental stability runs in a family in which a man readily offers his stepdaughter to strangers. Can a lonely bachelor have a truly enjoyable evening with the adopted offspring of such a pimp daddy? 

More importantly, what are the chances of the stepdaughter—or "lucky winner," for that matter—making it home alive?

Diehard Gator fans are apparently throwing their personal safety—and scruples—to the wind and flooding the stepfather's inbox with offers. The suitor will be chosen by midnight on Sept. 19, so if you're a fan of college football and blatantly dysfunctional families, make sure you submit your own application!

If you miss out, don't fret; perhaps the man's wife will be available for a future game.

Photo via Bryan McDonald/Flickr

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