New mom Brooklyn Decker tweets the terrible truths of pumping

Brooklyn Decker

Photo via Flickr/Gage Skidmore (CC-BY)

Wine and crying are a necessary part of the process.

Even if you're a model, sometimes pumping both literally and metaphorically sucks. 

In a tweetstorm on Wednesday, model, actress, and new mom Brooklyn Decker explained that she was stuck on an airplane that was having mechanical issues and needed to pump. When, after a two-hour delay, passengers were told they could finally deplane, Decker took the opportunity to pump in the airport bathroom. But when she returned, she was told she could not re-board.

Decker, who was away from her baby for the first time, grabbed some wine in the airport in order to wind down from the ordeal.

In her very justified rant about the pains of parenthood and pumping, Decker noted:
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