Blacksmith repairs homeless man's prosthetic leg following hit-and-run

Blacksmith fixing leg

Photo via Will Frary/Facebook (CC-BY)

This Texas blacksmith said he can fix anything.

With an act of kindness and his trusty tools, a Texas blacksmith gave a homeless man ability to walk once again. 

At the Blacksmith Shop in Grapevine, Texas, Will Frary has turned his talents for forging, welding, and metal repair into art. He makes roses out of horseshoes and other beautiful statement metalwork; and he also happens to be a handyman who can fix (almost) everything. 

When a homeless man came to his shop on crutches with a broken prosthetic leg, Frary wasted no time fixing it. The man was a victim of a hit and run accident, and had been run over by the vehicle, breaking his leg, according to a post on Facebook that went viral after Frary shared his story.

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Frary told the man: "I can fix anything here except the crack of dawn or a broken heart."

In a series of photos, Frary shared his process, and before and after photos of the work. In the final photo, the man, whose name wasn't shared on Facebook, is smiling with a big thumbs-up. 

Will Frary/Facebook

A blacksmith since the 1980s, Frary now teaches apprentices the craft out of his shop in the small city outside of Dallas. 

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