It's #NationalWineDay, do you have this Amy Schumer GIF handy?

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Use it.

Happy #NationalWineDay! Do you have your requisite Amy Schumer GIF?

Manufactured Internet holidays regularly inspire some pretty silly tweets, and #NationalWineDay is no different, except that maybe the tweeters are more likely to be drunk. But this year, there seems to be one GIF that you’re practically required to include in any #NationalWineDay tweet, so here it is.

As you can see brands and common folk alike are embracing the Amy Schumer GIF, which comes from her “Football Town Nights” sketch.

Though, if animation is too nauseating for you, there’s always a still image.

Anyway, now you have the GIF. Tweet away! Show your friends how much you love wine! Though frankly, we prefer to savor it like only Steve Brule can.

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