Is Amazon blocking people from buying from Standing Rock's gift registry?

noDAPL protest

Photo via unitedchurchofchrist/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

People are reporting not being able to buy gifts for the NoDAPL protestors.

For months, thousands have been gathered in North Dakota to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built. The proposed pipeline would be built underneath a lake on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, which would jeopardize water safety and disrupt sacred ground (and which was rerouted through indigenous land after it was deemed too dangerous to be put through Bismarck). The water protectors have camped out in freezing temperatures, and have been subject to water cannons, pepper spray, and general violence from police. Many are showing their support by sending supplies to the camp through an Amazon gift registry.

But is Amazon blocking some of those gifts from reaching the camp?

A possible intervention from Amazon has been suggested by the Standing Rock Needs You Amazon registry, which states, “There are some items that seem to be blocked from being purchased and sent to a wishlist address.” These include supplies like food, wetsuits, tactical vests, and propane. 

People have also been reporting issues on Twitter.

One Facebook user who attempted to buy items off the registry said it appeared only certain, and perhaps crucial, items were being blocked. For instance, an order for a propane tank was blocked, while an order for hand warmers went through.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amazon, and will update if and when they respond. However, North Dakota Law Enforcement said they will be fining anyone who delivers supplies to the camp, which presumably includes Amazon delivery vans. 

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