Watch a 7-week-old baby hear for the first time

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His first smile says it all.

No matter how many videos we’ve seen of people hearing for the first time, it still manages to make us smile. This time around, an Australian 7-week-old infant is given that moment, and it’s heartwarming as ever.

At just 4 weeks, Lachlan Lever was diagnosed with moderately severe sensorineural hearing impairment in both ears. Originally “shattered” by the diagnosis, his parents chose to get him fitted with hearing aids, which were put in just three weeks later.

Originally filmed in July 2012, the video captures the very moment Lachlan heard his parents’ voices for the first time. While he will not remember it when he’s older, his smile—his very first one, in fact—says it all.

Two years later, Toby Lever, Lachlan’s dad, wrote that he is “doing remarkably well” and told the Daily Mail that he’s on par with other children his age.

H/T Daily Picks and Flicks | Photo via Toby Lever/YouTube

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