Yogg-Saron is absolutely ridiculous—and that's why it's our favorite new Hearthstone card

Yogg Saron


This card is wild.

Yogg-Saron is my favorite card in Hearthstone.

No, it’ll never be a foundational piece of a competitive deck, nor will it win you that many games, but it promises to bring total bedlam every time it’s played. If you're not familiar, Yogg-Saron comes equipped with a battlecry that casts random spells on random targets for every previous spell your hero played over the course of the game. So maybe you Flamestrike an empty board 15 times? Maybe you mill yourself for 40 damage? Maybe you give your Yogg quadruple Cold Blood and Charge? Anything could happen, and that’s why I love it.

Whispers of the Old Gods has been out for just about a week, and we’re already seeing some insane Yogg highlights on YouTube. Here’s a quick selection of some of our favorites.

Praise Yogg

This was the first Yogg-Saron video to really go viral, which is unsurprising considering it was uploaded on the same day as the expansion. It’s not quite as crazy as some of the other stuff on this list, but it’s worth a watch if nothing more for the wavering, vaguely unsettling “PRAISE YOGG!” that our brave Hearthstone player keeps bellowing while his hope gets thin.

Peak Yogg

You knew this was happening on day one.

Exotic Hearthstone cards with dramatic effects are always, always pushed to their extreme by a small community of lizardbrains living on the internet. So naturally, when Yogg-Saron was announced with his very, very gamebreaking effect, you knew it was only a matter of time until we watched him cast some crazy number of spells and become part of Hearthstone lore forever. The two players here make ingenious use of Bolf Ramshield, (which has become a surprisingly useful card for silly combo videos like this) to keep players alive to watch Yogg’s full, elongated wrath. You know it’s real when the damage count gets beyond the 250 mark. I’m glad this video exists, because it’ll be a permanent monument of how ridiculous this card can be when pushed to its limit.

Good Yogg

I don’t think there is any other card in the game you can topdeck and have a chance at winning when you’re staring down a full board at one HP. Deathwing comes to mind, but you could still die to, say, Fireblast the next turn. And stuff like Twisting Nether or DOOM! doesn’t give much hope either. But Yogg-Saron is like mutually assured destruction. Once it’s played, all bets are off.

Yes, you could get Pyroblasted to the face off the very first spell and quite possibly making you quit Hearthstone forever, or you could be like YouTube user Bank Shotter and mount a 20 health comeback between Far Sight, Rockbiter Weapon, and, yeah, a very crucial Pyroblast. It’s moments like this that prove technically, technically, Yogg is the best card in the game.

Bad Yogg

Was there doubt in anyone’s mind that Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan would be one of the first people to have terrible Yogg-Saron luck once the expansion dropped? The man has built an empire on salt and bad luck. This card was made for him. This is the perfect scenario too; there’s a chance Kripp could win if he wasn’t appeasing Twitch chat, but instead he drops Yogg and gets hip with two Sprints, putting him astronomically deep in fatigue, completely destroying his spirit. It’s incredible. The volatility of this card is incredible.

Bad Yogg, then Good Yogg

The unhinged nature of Hearthstone has encouraged some pretty interesting debates. Blizzard is working hard to make sure their card game has a truly one-of-a-kind feel—a card like Piloted Shredder simply couldn’t exist in, say, Magic or Netrunner. Those random effects make sure players are confronted with unique situations every time they play Hearthstone, but they can also be pretty frustrating. Nobody likes to lose a game to a surprise King Krush from a Ram Wrangler.

Those random effects, however, also give us moments like this, where a Yogg-Saron is bounced back into a player’s hand, and then discarded from a hot Soulfire to the face (which I understand is the new meta). But then, our superstar gets Embrace the Shadow, followed by a joust-winning Healing Wave to the opponent’s face for textbook lethal. This game is silly sometimes.

Counter Yogg

I won’t go into specific detail, because I think this video should speak for itself. But do you know what’s a really solid counter to the moment Yogg puts a bunch of secrets on your opponent’s portrait? Yep, you guessed it, it’s Yogg-Saron.
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