Twitch Plays Pokemon, the massively multiplayer social experiment which had thousands playing a Nintendo classic in unison, has inspired many spinoffs—including this Twitch Plays League of Legends parody video. 

Were this an actual thing, there’s a strong likelihood that the onscreen character would not have been able to leave the dais on which he spawned. Riot Games’ best-selling competitive title, a five vs. five multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), demands the kind of reflexes crowdsourced commands would not have been able to produce. 

Surprisingly, if this Reddit thread is to be believed, someone tried to make Twitch Plays League of Legends happen IRL—but was banned by Riot after two matches due to a terms of service violation.

If that’s the case, the video is a fun (and sad) reminder of what could be.

Image via Riot Games