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The popular streamer has a new home.

One of the most popular Hearthstone players is joining one of the biggest professional gaming organizations. Jeffrey “Trump” Shih, a fan favorite who often nets stream viewership in the tens of thousands, is joining Team Solo Mid, the group announced earlier today.

Team Solo Mid is widely known for its top North American League of Legends team, and its network boasts some of the most popular streamers on Twitch in games like League of Legends, Smite, and now Hearthstone.

“I am impressed by what Trump has achieved so far on his own," Team Solo Mid founder Andy “Reginald” Dhin said in a statement. "Adding him to our team is huge for us and will help us expand our brand further in Hearthstone”

Shish is the second Hearthstone player to join the team. In may, the organization picked up Harry “MaSsan” Cheong. TSM claims Cheong races peaks of 15,00 viewers on his Twitch stream.

Team Solo Mid isn’t the first League of Legends organization to jump into the Hearthstone scene. Just two weeks ago, Cloud9 acquired the “Doge House” squad, featuring top players and personalities such as Marcin “Gnimsh” Filipowicz, Cong “StrifeCro” Shu and Rumay “Hafu” Wang.

As Hearthstone’s popularity continues to grow, expect to see more premier esports brands acquire top talent.

Photo via CCTV America/YouTube

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