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The Quantic Gaming saga just won't end.

Weeks after Quantic Gaming CEO Simon Boudreault disappeared while owing players and staff over $40,000, another page is being added to the weird saga.

QuanticGaming.com, the eSports team’s website, is being sold off by developer Gavin Weeks in an attempt to recoup money and pay back the players and staff. The website was donated to Boudreault under a temporary license and is therefore owned by Weeks.

“I just wanted to do something to try and help out within the rights I have,” said Weeks, who works at gaming messaging firm Xfire.

The auction provoked some negative reactions on Twitter when it was announced early Tuesday morning as many wondered just what Weeks was selling, and how he had the rights to sell it.

@symm2112 @keekerdc website was not owned by Quantic, anyone else who purchases a RCMS site own it. Quantic did not.

— Gavin Weeks (@GavWeeks) January 14, 2014

Weeks donated hosting, design, and a custom-built content management system (CMS) called Rocketeer to Boudreault. Now that Boudreault, whom Weeks called a friend, has disappeared and left so many people high and dry, Weeks is selling the theme, custom CMS, hosting, and a free rebranding.

The site's user data, content, and domain name are not being sold, as they are still owned by Boudreault.

Weeks says he’s received three legitimate offers to buy so far. All are from people who had been interested in working with Rocketeer in the past but hadn’t been able to afford it at full price.

Screengrab via QuanticPro/YouTube

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