Here’s how the top North American players can qualify for the Capcom Cup

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With just one Ranking event left in North America, the path to the season championship is becoming clear.

Another wild weekend of Capcom Pro Tour action is in the books, and the dust is finally starting to settle.

Justin Wong scored a record-setting victory at the Manila Cup on Sunday to became the first American player to win a Pro Tour event in Asia and the first player to win seven Pro Tour events in one season. Fellow legend Umehara Daigo claimed his third Pro Tour win in four weeks with his (off-stream) victory at Lockdown in Lisbon, Portugal. And Thomas “Brolynho” Proenca picked up his second victory in three weeks with a win in the Latin American online tournament.

But today’s focus is on the North American region. After Ryan “FChamp” Ramirez’s victory over Victor “Punk” Woodley in Sunday’s online tournament, just one NA ranking event remains: The Fall Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina from Oct. 7 to 9. America’s top players now have a clear picture they’ll need to do at that event to secure a spot in Capcom Cup and compete for a share of over $250,000.

Here is what all of the contenders will need to do at the Fall Classic to secure their places in Capcom Cup.

Justin Wong needs to relax—he’s in

His Manila Cup win on Sunday made his Capcom Cup place official, but Justin Wong has been practically assured of a place in the season championship for months. His six Pro Tour wins in April and May staked him to a massive lead in both the global standings, but Lee “Infiltration” Seon-Woo’s win at Evo bumped Wong down to second place. With Wong unlikely to reclaim the number one seed, he can use the Fall Classic to brush up on matchup knowledge, test out some new tech, or maybe try catching a few new Pokémon in Raleigh.

Julio needs to relax—he’s in

If anyone thought that Julio Fuentes’ early-season win at Texas Showdown was a fluke, they certainly aren’t thinking it now. With two wins and eight top-four finishes on the Pro Tour this season, Julio has proven himself to be a threat in any event he enters. He is almost certain to qualify for the Capcom Cup through the global leaderboard, but he has at the very least clinched a place in the season championship through the North American leaderboard.

NuckleDu needs to relax—he’s in

Du “NuckleDu” Dang is peaking at the right time. Back-to-back wins last month at Summer Jam X and Absolute Battle 7, coupled with his third-place finish in Sunday’s online tournament, has him tied with Julio for second place in the North American standings. He is assured of Capcom Cup qualification through the North American leaderboard, but his current global points total (469) is likely good enough to capture a spot through the global leaderboard.

FChamp needs to hope nothing crazy happens at other events

With Wong, Julio, and NuckleDu all likely to claim Capcom Cup places through the global leaderboard, Ryan “FChamp” Ramirez is now the defacto NA leader heading into the region’s final ranking event. All of the scenarios that knock him out of qualifying position involve Chris Tatarian winning Tthe Fall Classic, but that win would put Tatarian at 510 points, which would almost assuredly be enough to qualify via the global leaderboard. Barring a series of improbable events at other Pro Tour events, FChamp is headed to the Capcom Cup.

Ricki Ortiz needs to finish third or better at the Fall Classic

Ricki Ortiz currently holds the second Capcom Cup qualification spot. As long as she maintains that position, she will reach the season championship. Only four players can pass Ortiz in the NA standings: Chris Tatarian, Miky “XsK_Samurai” Chea, Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez, and “John Takeuchi” Ryouta. Tatarian is a non-issue: he must finish either first or second to pass Ortiz, but either result should be enough to secure a spot through the global leaderboard.

The other three can pass her in the NA standings with a win at The Fall Classic, but only if Ortiz finishes fourth or worse. A third-place finish for Ortiz - or a win by anyone other than XsK_Samurai, PR Balrog, or John Takeuchi - will see her advance to Capcom Cup.

Chris Tatarian needs to finish second or better at the Fall Classic

Chris Tatarian currently has 382 global Pro Tour points, which is close to my projected qualification cut line of 375. That cut line could raise if the remaining Premier events are won by lower-ranked players, so Tatarian still may have some work to do. A second-place finish at The Fall Classic should be more than enough to secure a Capcom Cup berth through the global leaderboard, but it will be enough to secure a spot through the NA leaderboard if Ricki Ortiz finishes fifth or worse.

XsK_Samurai, PR Balrog, and John Takeuchi need to win The Fall Classic and get some help

XsK_Samurai, PR Balrog, and John Takeuchi are all in the same situation. Separated by just 10 points in the NA standings and unable to catch FChamp in the standings, their paths to Capcom Cup are identical: they must win the Fall Classic and hope that Ricki Ortiz finishes fourth or worse at the event. If Ortiz finishes second or third, the hopeful who wins would still reach Capcom Cup if either Ortiz or FChamp qualify for the season championship through some other means, such as winning a Premier event or a regional final.

AlucarD and Flash need to win The Fall Classic and get a lot of help

If either Antwan “alucarD” Ortiz (no relation to Ricki Ortiz) or Peter “Flash” Susini are to qualify for Capcom Cup, they will need fate to smile upon them. A win for either player would still leave them behind both FChamp and Ricki Ortiz, so they would also need at least one of those two players to qualify for Capcom Cup through other means.

K-Brad needs to make a Latin American detour before The Fall Classic

Kenneth “K-Brad” Bradley is in a unique position, as he’s the only American player who has a chance of reaching Capcom Cup through another region. He is currently just two points ahead of Felipe “Misterio” Torres for the second and final Capcom Cup berth through the Latin American leaderboard. Remaining near the top of those standings is possible, whereas K-Brad would need to win the Fall Classic and have a lot of other results to go his way to qualify through the North American leaderboard.

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