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How the mighty have fallen.

How the mighty have fallen.

In the European League of Legends Championship Series, once-dominant ROCCAT have fallen from first place to third, and Fnatic (who won both splits last year) are in a relatively disappointing fourth.

The winners this week in Europe are without a doubt SK Gaming and Alliance. SK put together an amazing 3-1 week and have climbed up to take first place. Alliance, however, had the best week with a 4-0 and the highest gold income rate of the whole league. Here are all the stats (click for a larger image):

Infographic via LoLStats

Alliance similarly dominate the MVP list, representing 60 percent of the teams. Perhaps the most surprising is Mike "Wickd" Petersen, who has completely turned around his gameplay of late. His dedication to the rarely picked champion, Irelia, may be what triggered the team’s swift turnaround.

Bottom lane champions Thresh, Lucian, and Caitlyn again dominate the most-picked list, while mid laners are still feared the most—all three of the Most Banned are mid lane champions. Perhaps the most interesting statistic is that the same number of champions picked or banned last week (43) is the exact same as this week. The upcoming 4.3 patch changes to League should show some changes come Week 9. 

Image via Riot Games

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