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Now that's dedication.

If you want to be the best at League of Legends, the most popular and arguably the most competitive game on the planet, you've got to practice. A lot.

But Hai Du Lam, mid laner for the recently crowned best team in North America, Cloud 9, takes this kind of mindset much further than most.

When his lung collapsed earlier this week, it was clear that Lam would be out for a while. His team, Cloud 9, earned a trip to next month’s All-Stars event in Paris, where they'll compete against the world’s best teams. But Lam will have to watch his teammates compete from home.

While his team scrambles to find a replacement mid laner, Lam now faces not only the challenge of recovering, but also staying in form.

What better way, then, but to play from his hospital bed?

In a show of ultimate dedication, Lam put in a 5-hour practice session last night, complete with oxygen mask and hospital gown. To add to the theme, he played League of Legends champions with medical skins, such as Nurse Akali and Surgeon Shen.

Lam's lungs might be in bad shape, but his spirits are clearly fine. For his fans, they’re just excited to continue being able to watch him play—oxygen mask and all.

Photo via Hai Lam/Twitter

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