huni plays with underwear

Image via Immotals/Facebook

Immortals finds the perfect pair of underwear.

One way to measure esports’ rapid growth is the growth of relationships with non-endemic brands. Arbys sponsors the ELEAGUE. Mountain Dew has its own Counter-Strike league. And now Immortals is sporting and underwear deal.

The team has paired up with MeUndies, who wants to put the fun back into underwear shopping, to search for the perfect pair of underwear, complete with a 70s style dating video featuring the Immortals their League of Legends team:

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“I’m really bad boy,” Huni says. “Probably I’m gonna break your heart.” While we get to see Kim “Reignover” Eu-jin nuzzling his new pair of undies, luckily we don’t see the him actually wearing them.

Note that while Huni, Reignover, and Wildturtle were made into caricatures for the video, Pobelter and Adrian played themselves—Pobelter, wearing his Immortals jersey railing off his League of Legends stats, and Adrian Ma, popping not one, but two collars.

Sadly, the partnership doesn’t include producing esports panties. Because the world needs esports panties.

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