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The player also got a hefty fine.

Ahead of their final day of group games at the League of Legends World Championships, Chinese side I May will have to face their first game without one of their players.

I May support Yun "Road" Han-Gil has been handed a one game ban in a competitive ruling released early Saturday morning.

The punishment was dished out after multiple instances of Road using offensive language in online games, including racially insensitive language.

After verbally abusing a teammate in a game on October 5, Riot investigated his accounts on both the North American and Korean servers. Across the two servers Road had received 27 reports for toxicity since August.

The player will miss the team's first game tomorrow, against Taiwan's Flash Wolves. The two sides currently have identical 1-2 records, meaning the loser will likely have to win all of their remaining games to have a chance of reaching the quarter finals.

The player was also given a $2000 fine for the violations.

The ban has been compared to the three match ban handed down to Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, then of SK Gaming, in 2014. After a series of reports of racially insensitive behaviour, the player missed the first three games of the Worlds group stage. The team lost all three games without Svenskeren and were eliminated from the group stage.

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