Blizzard's collectible card game Hearthstone may be one of the fastest-growing online games in the world, and its recently released iPad app has been conquering the iTunes charts for weeks now. But there's so much more to the game than, well, gaming. In the right hands, it's a musical instrument.

YouTubers JimAndNathDoTheGames recorded all the in-game noises from Hearthstone then mashed them together into a surprisingly catchy tune.

But there's more! You might not get that song out of your head for a few hours, but if you focus on what's happening in the video you might actually learn something. The footage encompasses a full draft from what's called Arena mode in Hearthstone.

This mode lets you build a deck by choosing from a group of random cards. Then, players try out their decks against other Arena players. After three losses, your deck automatically retires and you get rewarded based on how many games you won. If you manage to get to 12 wins before three losses, your deck retires a champion, and you get the highest rewards possible.

And the deck in this video did exactly that.

Here's a video of it (sans music) absolutely killing it in Arena mode.

Image via Blizzard