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There are few surprises in the deck lineups.

As eight players descend on California for the Summer Hearthstone European Championship, the deck lineups of the players has thrown up little surprises.

All eight players have brought Yogg Druid and Aggressive Shaman in their lineups, as well as a Warrior deck. Seven players are bringing a Control variant, with just favorite DrHippi bringing Midrange Dragon Warrior.

This dominance is likely to reignite discussion about the current Hearthstone meta, particularly with regards to the influence of Yogg-Saron and Tuskarr Totemic.

Six of the players are bringing a Midrange Hunter with five also bringing Miracle Rogue, continuing the tradition of Rogue continuing to be favored in Europe ahead of the other regions.

The increase in Hunters and Rogues comes at the expense of Paladin and Warlock. Just one player, Greece's "LikeABawse", is bringing a Warlock deck, opting for the Discard Zoo variant. Brit "GeorgeC" will be piloting a Murloc Anyfin Paladin.

Winter Championship runner-up DrHippi will be the favorite to take the title. Having lost to teammate Ole "Naiman" Batyrbekov in March, DrHippi will be looking to join him in November's $1 million World Championship at Blizzcon. GeorgeC is also appearing in his second Championship, falling in the first round of the Spring edition. 

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