cosmo wright speedrun
Wright revisits the run that brought him to tears. 

Video game speedruns are fun to watch, but we sometimes forget the sheer amount of work that goes into masterfully pulling off a perfect run.  Speedruns usually take years from a dedicated group of people who come together to find ways to understand every aspect of a game's design and mechanics.

Last month we reported that speedrunner Cosmo Wright set the new world record for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He beat it by a good 35 seconds, and his near-perfect run was years in the making. It brought him to tears.

Wright has now graced us with the full commentary on his world-record run. He goes into detail on how he did it, including in-depth explanations of how many of those game-breaking glitches work. It’s a true marvel of game design and a community's dedication to turn those design elements on their head. Wright went on to explain that he has attempted this run more than 1,200 times, and towards the end he was worried that one error could completely ruin it. Luckily his concentration was steadfast and he didn’t let nervousness fill his mind with doubt.

Screengrab via CosmoSpeedruns/YouTube

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New 'Ocarina of Time' speedrun record brings Cosmo Wright to tears
Records are made to be broken. But usually, they last longer than a couple of days.
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