copenhagen wolves cowtard
Viktor "cowTard" Stymne is taking a leave of absence from the game, but up-and-comer SorenxD is taking his place.

Copenhagen Wolves mid-laner Viktor "cowTard" Stymne has announced he's taking a leave of absence for personal reasons, but the team has a replacement on deck for upcoming matches.

When Stymne, who's been a part of the starting roster for a year now, fell ill last month prior to his team’s game against ROCCAT, the Wolves were forced to forfeit for lack of an eligible substitute.

The loss of Stymne is undoubtedly a blow to the team, currently ranked second from bottom in the European LCS standings and battling relegation. But the team reportedly feels confident they have a ready-made replacement in the form of up-and-coming Danish player Søren “SorenxD” Holdt Frederiksen. 

Frederiksen is an unfamiliar name, having never previously featured in LCS or any high-profile teams prior to Wolves picking him up. Sources close to the team say that they were told that the 19-year-old was a very talented player, currently in the EU West Challenger division in solo-queue, and that they should try him out. Both the team and management reported that the trials were “very impressive," and they signed him in time to play in next week’s LCS games. His first appearance will be against fnatic on July 17.

Frederiksen has even earned the nickname “Mini Bjergsen” from his peers, thanks in part to to the fact that they share the same first name, but also for his playing ability.

Copenhagen Wolves did have a mid-laner on their substitutes list—Džiugas "Mazzerin" Repčys, formerly of Gaming—but sources have said the team thought bringing on the young Dane would be better for communication.

We are also told the door isn’t closed on Stymne’s career; he will remain on the Copenhagen Wolves roster until a long-term decision about his future can be made.

Screengrab via LoL Esports/YouTube

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