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The talks have been going on for some time, sources close to the team said.

CompLexity Gaming's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are in talks with the Cloud9 organization about a potential move, likely to go ahead when player contracts end on Aug. 2.

Cloud9, who established themselves as an esports organization with the success of their League of Legends team, have been expanding into other games, including Hearthstone, Blizzard's hugely popular collectible card game. This would be their first foray into Counter-Strike territory.

The CompLexity organization, perhaps sensing that their team was a desirable property, had offered the team a salary a few weeks ago. With contracts close to expiring, however, the players wanted to pursue their options. Sources close to the team described the players as being “disgruntled” with their treatment. They had apparently wanted to attend more events and were unhappy when they received no revenue from CompLexity's sticker sales during ESL One's event in Katowice, Poland in March. This was a particular sore point for the players, as rival North American team iBUYPOWER received a share of the proceeds from their organization.

With all this in mind, the players are now keen to move to Cloud9 and start a new chapter in their careers. The team immediately becomes a valuable part of Cloud9, as it's one of the best in the North American scene. They're currently at the top end of the CEVO Professional Season 5 table with no defeats.

CompLexity manager Jason Bass told the Daily Dot his organization was not currently bidding for the players.

"We made an offer for a new annual salary weeks ago but the players informed us [Cloud9] made a better one," Bass said. "We wish the players and [Cloud9] nothing but the best. We enjoyed having them as a part of compLexity. They are very talented and we're glad they found a new home moving forward."

The former CompLexity team will make their debut for Cloud9 at the ESL One Cologne event, which takes place Aug. 14 to 17.

Screengrab via ESL One/YouTube

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