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It's something like the Oscars of video game streaming.

It’s not the Academy Awards, but it’s a good start.

Blizzard, the video game developers behind blockbuster esports franchises such as StarCraft, Warcraft, Hearthstone, and the classic role playing franchise Diablo, just announced the “2013 Blizzard Stream Awards,” a Twitch-exclusive award show that will award $45,000 in prizes to winners in 14 categories. Only Twitch partners are eligible to win.

Half of the categories are data-driven (like the “Most number of hours streamed for Blizzard titles in 2013”) while half are voted on by the community (such as “Favorite community show of 2013”).

Winners will be unveiled on Friday, Feb. 7.

The nominees are:

  • Favorite New Streamer of 2013:  Veev, Venruki,  MoriKopa, Jaetch, INnoVation, ByuN, Jaedong Xenocider,  Bly, San
  • Best Community Channel of 2013:  AmoveTV (“Angry Chicken”), ManaGrind (“ManaGrind”), GameBreakerTV (“Legendary” and “Convert to Raid”), TwizzCast (“TwizzCast”), ChanmanV (“Climbing the Ladder,” “Wednesday Night Sprites,” and “Value Town”), OneMoreGameTV (“Inside the Game”), Artosis (“Meta” and “Turn 2”), Day[9]TV (“Day[9] Daily”), ItmeJP (“State of the Game”)
  • Most Educational Stream: Savjz, TrumpSC, MaSsanSC, EGAzael, Moldran, Diablo Fans, Day9tv, Grubby, iNcontroL, Artosis 
  • Favorite StarCraft 2 Stream: Jaedong, DeMusliM, Grubby, CatZ, WhiteR, TLO, iNControL, Destiny, IdrA, Dragon
  • Favorite Diablo 3 Stream: Archon the Wizard, DatModz, Kingkongor, Moldran, Baudusau420, Zisss, Invisuk, Cdxliv, Doxsen, Moses_2265
  • Favorite Hearthstone Stream:  Itshafu, TrumpSC, NL_Kripp, Artosis, Rednad27, Reckful, Kungentv, MaSsanSC, Savjz, Ellohime
  • Favorite World of Warcraft Stream Veev, Sodapoppin, Reckful, EGAzael, Swifty, Cdewx, Venruki, Hydramist, LegendaryLea, Ziqoftw

The data-driven categories will be announced at the same time as the winners to avoid any spoilers. Twitch staff are currently calculating the hours streamed and writing up winners. 

It’s a virtual guarantee that winners of categories such as “Most StarCraft 2 streamed in 2013” and “Most Hearthstone streamed in 2013” will be recognized alongside the fan favorites. It’ll be interesting to see what relative unknowns take home awards next to the household names.

Winners will be announced simultaneously on Blizzard and Twitch’s blogs on Feb. 7.

Photo via Blizzplanet

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