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We're sensing a pattern here.

The 2016 League of Legends World Championship isn’t off to the most flawless of starts: The final game of the first day had to be remade due to a champion bug.

The bug was discovered by Team SoloMid midlaner Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg during a match against Chinese side Royal Never Give Up. Shortly after the game began, Bjergsen called for a pause as the Danish midlaner reportedly wasn’t able to see Aurelion Sol’s particle effects whenever the champion came too close to a wall.

This led to the game being remade, and the champion temporarily banned from Worlds. It is unclear whether or not Aurelion Sol will be made available following the group stage, as Riot has elected to keep the champion disabled throughout the tournament’s second day. The developer will be making an additional statement later in the day on whether the champion will remain banned throughout the rest of the tournament.

While Royal Never Give Up ended up winning the game, the situation is nothing new for Team SoloMid: In the 2016 North American Summer Split playoffs, when facing rivals Counter Logic Gaming, Aurelion Sol was banned for the remainder of the playoffs due to yet another visual bug relating to the champion’s passive.
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