Aaron Elam, known in the world of competitive Halo as Ace, just earned $200,000 for a single kill. He took the sudden death grand final over over Justin Deese, the Halo legend known as iGotUrPistola, in the championship match of the 2013 Halo 4 Global Championship on Sunday.

It doesn’t get much more tense than sudden death match with a screaming crowd and a monster check at stake.

Elam, 20, beat out eight of the world’s top Halo players on Sunday to grab the prize. The two top finishers reacted on Twitter.

When he’s not conquering the Halo world, Elam studies chemical engineering at the University of Kentucky—a state school charging about $10,000 per year. Before taxes, this check covers his full college tuition five times over. Not bad.

Screengrab via YouTube