florida man webseries

Florida Man gets the webseries only Florida Man deserves


Men hiding marijuana is their fat rolls. Women marrying Ferris wheels. MMA fights between men with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

Florida is truly the AWESOM-O 4000 of weird, nationally syndicated, local news stories. Indeed, when you read that a man was forced to eat his own beard in a disagreement over a lawnmower, it’s easy, nigh on natural, to be shocked that neither the victim, nor the perpetrator was Florida Man.

With such fertile subject matter, it was only a matter of time before filmmakers trudged down to that southern state to try and make sense of it all. So, writer/director Paul Ratner has just released the trailer for Spaceship Florida; the story of “a brilliant PhD student search[ing] for the explanation of increasingly strange behavior in Florida.”

It all looks a little hammy, and it’s edited in a slapdash way that doesn’t inspire confidence for the series proper, so seeing that it also features the woman who thought it was OK to ride a manatee confirmed it for me: This is probably the webseries that Florida Man deserves.

Screengrab via Spaceship Florida Web Series/YouTube