From secret videos to self-tanning remors, Mitt Romney’s campaign for president is starting to sound more and more like a bad movie each day.

A romantic comedy, to be exact.

A single-serving Tumblr called RomCom 2012 is back after a four-month hiatus, churning out masterfully Photoshopped images of Romney in cheesy romantic comedy posters. Each poster, like that for “The Ugly Truth,” features a goofy looking Romney posing with a young starlet. Underneath each illustration is a typical movie poster catchphrase tweaked to poke fun at the former Massachusetts governor

Here are the five funniest posts from the last four months.

1) Knocked Up - "A billionaire and his friend from Missouri get a hard life lesson when they meet the rarest of women – a legitimate rape expecting mother."

2) Say Anything - "A straight-talking billionaire says exactly what a group of lined-pocket supporters want to hear, but what he doesn’t know is that the other 47% of the country is listening."

3) No Strings Attached - "An orator billionaire declares his love for country and promises to restore America’s promise without committing to any details."

4) It’s Complicated - "A foolish billionaire discovers that corporations are people too, but then he falls in love with one."

5) She’s Out Of My League - "A semi-likeable billionaire spends his fortune and his time chasing the one thing he can never have– the swing state female voter."

All image via RomCom 2012