Paul Ryan may be busy on the campaign trail but, thanks to the magic of the Internet, he's still finding plenty of time to work out.

On Pumping Iron with Paul Ryan, users are remixing those now-infamous bicep curl pictures of the Republican vice presidential candidate with images of their own. The single-serve site is much less stressful than negotiating your gym contract: Upload your picture, reposition Ryan, and spread it all over the forums—er, Facebook.

In the few dozen pictures posted so far, people are flicking Ryan off, shipping him off to the moon, and throwing him in front of the obligatory laser pointer background. We’re also privy to this picture of Michelle Obama flexing her arms and staring down Ryan in what could be the rumble of the century.

All we need now is a GIF of Ryan jumping from space to bring this meme full circle.

Photo via Pumping Iron with Paul Ryan

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