Mariah Yeater’s name is trending on Twitter worldwide after she accused Justin Bieber of fathering her child.

Not surprisingly, Bieber’s fans, called Beliebers, don’t believe her.

Yeater, a 20-year-old California woman, swore under threat of perjury that the then-underage pop sensation had sex with her backstage at his L.A. Staples Center concert. In her affadavit, Yeater said the “approximately 30 second” event resulted in her 3-month-old son.

To see what Twitter users really think of the scandal, the Daily Dot put together a wordcloud based on the trending topic. Some seemingly unrelated words and phrases stand out in the cloud. Here’s how they tie in:

Selena: For those who don’t regularly read Teen Beat, Selena Gomez is Bieber’s 19-year-old girlfriend.

Unicorn: probably the result of this parody tweet that implies Yeater’s relationship with the pop star is as likely as Michael Jackson being alive and well on a unicorn farm. Also the reason for Barack Obama’s name popping up on our cloud.

WEBELIEVEJUSTIN: A related trending topic showing solidarity for Bieber. It’s a little kinder than other words in the cloud supporting Bieber and berating Yeater, like WTF and bitch.

Mentirosa: A Spanish word that translates to “lying or untruthful.” Another one is “embarazada,” Spanish for “pregnant.” Bieber’s Spanish-speaking fan base is much larger than we thought.

Seriously: What Daily Dot writers rhetorically ask themselves when they end up writing a story about Justin Bieber.