The images resemble video game kill-screens, ASCII art, and skyscapes painted in pixels.

But Phillip Stearns’ curated photos aren't any of those things. His Tumblr, Year of the Glitch, celebrates the shortcomings of modern digital camera photography. The interdisciplinary artist presents intentional and unintentional wonky camera renderings as art.

“These images are not of broken things, but the unlocking of other worlds latent in the technologies with which we surround ourselves,” Stearns wrote of the project.

The 366-day project (remember, 2012 is a leap year), takes Stearns’ own glitches, as well as numerous submissions created from errors on “prepared digital cameras, video capture devices, electronic displays, scanners, manipulated or corrupted files, skipping CDs, disrupted digital transmissions, etc.,” the Brooklynite wrote.

So far, Stearns’ photos all come from cameras that have been altered to produce new or unusual effects. That bit of knowledge, however, doesn’t make the results any less stunning. Here’s a selection of some of our favorites thus far.


Photo by Year of the Glitch