“John Elway had to sacrifice a virgin to get Peyton Manning to Denver.”

Or so goes one popular tweet that’s making the rounds on Twitter, after news broke that the Broncos had landed the famed quarterback on Monday.

The “virgin,” obviously, is Tim Tebow, the Broncos’ starting quarterback from last season, whose piousness and hard work makes up for his lack of traditional quarterbacking skills.

That joke aside, Elway, a Broncos executive who once led the team to glory, has mostly been praised for the move, since he seemed to not particularly like Tebow and a number of other teams had been clamoring for Manning.

While a good portion of Twitter used this occasion to polish their best football jokes, a disturbing set of Tebow fans unleashed their vitriol against Elway. Below are Twitter’s highlights and lowlights.

Photo via @Ken_Nadeau

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