Pat the Roc

How to ball as hard as Pat the Roc


By now you’ve probably seen the new YouTube hit from Matt and Kim, “Let’s Go,” the first single off the Brooklyn duo’s forthcoming album, Lightning.

In truth, it’s more of a highlight reel than a music video, spotlighting the dazzling dribbling skills of Pat the Roc, a Maryland-based point guard and the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Ball Handler.  

Born Patrick Robinson, he’s a one-man Harlem Globetrotters, with a distinct flair not seen since Nike’s freestyle rhythm commercials. What’s perhaps most impressive about the video is that it was apparently completed in one take, meaning Robinson didn’t miss a beat in nearly three minutes.

While some magicians won’t reveal their tricks, Robinson has taken the opposite approach. He hosts a basketball camp and has uploaded a series of instructional videos to his personal website.

Want to ball this hard? Pay attention. Here’s a Robinson’s personal how-to guide to his 5 signature moves.

1) The Crazy Legs

2) The Over Yonder

3) The Kick Pass

4) The DC Crossover

5) The Cyclone

Photo via YouTube