By now you’ve probably seen the new YouTube hit from Matt and Kim, “Let’s Go,” the first single off the Brooklyn duo’s forthcoming album, Lightning.

In truth, it’s more of a highlight reel than a music video, spotlighting the dazzling dribbling skills of Pat the Roc, a Maryland-based point guard and the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Ball Handler.  

Born Patrick Robinson, he’s a one-man Harlem Globetrotters, with a distinct flair not seen since Nike’s freestyle rhythm commercials. What’s perhaps most impressive about the video is that it was apparently completed in one take, meaning Robinson didn’t miss a beat in nearly three minutes.

While some magicians won’t reveal their tricks, Robinson has taken the opposite approach. He hosts a basketball camp and has uploaded a series of instructional videos to his personal website.

Want to ball this hard? Pay attention. Here’s a Robinson’s personal how-to guide to his 5 signature moves.

1) The Crazy Legs

2) The Over Yonder

3) The Kick Pass

4) The DC Crossover

5) The Cyclone

Photo via YouTube