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The future confronting the past: who among us hasn’t stared, misty-eyed, at an old photo of ourselves as children, thinking wistfully about the path not taken? Thanks to technological advances, we can now actively converse with our former selves.

One wonders what these two would have to say to each other.

A mad scientist and his youthful avatar: an apprehensive, gap-toothed innocent with a backdrop of biplanes and bombs, and a goggle-eyed, sinister figure who has clearly become the monster to fight the monster. But does his hand shake in self-loathing, or self-affirmation?

The monster first surfaced on Feb. 25, on artist Colin Raff’s Zesty Bagatelles website. It was cross-posted to his ZBags Tumblr on April 1, where it’s picked up an apprehensive, haunted 638 notes since.