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We’re not sure how you feel about indiscreet albino ferrets, but it’s clear how Tumblr feels: very feely indeed! The image of English actor Benedict Cumberbatch playing Julian Assange in the biopic The Fifth Estate has ricocheted around the Tumblrsphere like … well, like an overcaffeinated albino ferret around a crowded London flat. The only reason it hasn’t gone as viral as Norwalk is that it is, sadly, static.

Jackie at enerJax has fixed all of that, rendering the angular and elfin Assangebatch into glorious GIF form, with a sparkling Louis Vuittonian background. Why, he’s positively Legolian in his windswept beauty.

It has racked up almost 900 notes in 15 hours, and once the rest of the U.S. Cumberbitches/Cumberbunnies/Assangeistas awaken, who knows how much that number will jump.

Game on!

GIF via enerJax/Tumblr

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