Lil Wayne hasn’t been the same since he left for the slammer.

First came his botched rock crossover, Rebirth, then the hit-or-miss I Am Not a Human Being, and finally, The Carter IV, which—to be a fair—was only a disappointment by his own standard of greatness.

For further proof, just check Twitter, where users are using the punchlines of the self-appointed “Greatest Rapper Alive” as a virtual punching bag.

Since early this morning, the hashtag #LilWayneWackestPunchlines has been a national trending topic, gaining more than 25,000 mentions, according to Topsy.   

A significant portion of those tweets were defending the rapper, and rightfully so. Lil Wayne exists in some weird parallel universe that’s hard to fathom.

Even still, these punchlines clearly missed the mark.


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