If there’s one thing we learned from watching Zombieland, it’s that we need to be in tip-top cardio condition to survive the walking dead for as long as possible.

Luckily, you can train for the zombie apocalypse by taking part in a five-kilometer obstacle race strewn with zombies. The very first of these races was recorded by a participant wearing a helmet cam.

As redditor perfectdeuce points out, some zombies are allowed to chase the runners down, while others are more traditional shuffling zombies, meaning runners will need to have their wits about them and figure out which is which if they are to survive.

Although no squishing of zombie brains is allowed, it makes for an excellent zombie-survival training program. The video highlights some impressive dodges, from our protagonist’s frequent use of the spin move to an outstanding wall run dodge.

Don’t be a hero. Just make it out alive.

Photo by gabrielsaldana

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