There was a lot of levity at last night’s Golden Globes, as well as a few cringe-worthy moments, oh-snap jabs, and walking memes. And then there was actress Gabourey Sidibe.

What people — women especially — wear to awards shows is now so easily absorbed, dissected, and snap-judged in 140 characters. Predictably, people indulged in a round of body-shaming, and concern trolls commented on Sidibe’s weight and health.

This morning, Sidibe, who currently stars in American Horror Story: Coven, addressed those who found the need to shame, and put everything in perspective:

This isn’t the first time she’s had to fend off trolls. Last fall, fans of American Horror Story ridiculed Sidibe on Twitter after an episode of the show. Many viewers were surprised and even offended that she didn’t attempt to lose weight to fit the mold of every other actress on television. How rude of her to not conform to outdated standards of beauty. 

She also had a good zinger last night, which many women will understand:

Put ‘em on blast, Gabby.

Photo via Greg Hernandez/Flickr