I don't like going to movies. They take forever; it's dark; you can't talk to anyone; a Coke costs $7. 

But I also don't have a television, which means that I miss out on the deluge of movies that come through modern avenues like HBO and Showtime. 

I know nothing of any movies screening these days, and my conversation skills are suffering as a result.

That's why I'm glad to have @BestMovieTweets scrolling regularly through my Twitter feed. The account provides short, 140-character CliffsNotes for movies. I can understand and interpret them in a few seconds. It's fantastic. It's hilarious. It's the best way to get caught up on what's happening in Hollywood. 

@BestMovieTweets has only been tweeting since late September and offers little in backstory, but it counts the great streetwise scientist @Bill_Nye_Tho as one of its 5,200 followers. These days, that's an endorsement worth its weight in Internet gold. 

Photo via AmeliaEarhart89/YouTube