With Drunk History migrating to TV, the spot for a hilarious historical webseries was wide open—and luckily Ask A Slave is here to fill it.

The YouTube show is a Q&A session with Lizzie Mae, a slave (“personal maid”) on President Washington’s plantation, Mount Vernon. Lizzie Mae is the brainchild of actress Azie Mira Dungey, who actually worked as a “living history character” at Mount Vernon in Virginia. Many of the questions she answers in her videos are real questions people asked her when touring the plantation.

The show was crowdfunded by Dungey in April, reaching its meager goal of 3,000 dollars for five webisodes.

Only two episodes, directed by Jordan Black, are up so far, and they’re both exceptional. It’s perfect satire.

Example: “Where do your children go to school?”

And then Lizzie Mae cracks up laughing.

Oh boy, white people. Yikes.

H/T Gawker | Photo via YouTube