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WhatsApp has released a desktop app bringing your messages to your home computer.
WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms on Earth, and it’s no longer content to just hang out on your phone. Today the company released a desktop app for Windows and OS X that makes it even easier to check your messages without looking at your phone. The interface is simple. Just download the app, scan a QR code, and WhatsApp will log you in. 


From there you can send messages, attachments, pictures, voice messages, and manage your messages just like you would with the normal app. A few minor features, like the ability to change the background wallpaper of a conversation, are still missing, but the basic user experience is the same one you already know and love. 

So, if you're tired of getting yelled at for being on your phone at work. Thanks to the WhatsApp desktop client, you can be on your phone at your desk too. 

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