Wake up like a pro with the Rock's amazing new alarm clock app

The Rock alarm clock

Dwayne The Rock Johnson/Facebook (CC-BY)

This alarm clock app is simple perfection.

There's no morning motivation quite like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson telling you to "get your ass out of bed"—and now you can experience that each and every morning with the Rock's new alarm clock app. 

The incredibly ripped entertainer debuted The Rock Clock with a suite of inspiring and absurd alarm-clock ringtones that he created. These include him singing along to an acoustic guitar, him smashing a harp, and his dog barking along to some heavy beats. 

Before you set your alarm, you have to set a goal; I'm planning on running 30 miles this week, and hopefully it will be easier to get out of bed with my 5am alarm set to the Rock's gruffly sweet voice. Your goal can have an end date, or you can set it for perpetuity. Once your goal is set, you choose a ridiculous or totally awesome ringtone to go along with it. You can also set your alarm for "Rock Time," which is the early hour at which the Rock awakens—4:15am.

"Our goal was [to] create a free, direct, uncomplicated, cool, motivating app to help us all get after our goals every morning," the Rock said in an Instagram post. "I also wanted to totally disrupt the traditional 'morning alarm' system we all use on our phones."

What does The Rock Clock disrupt, exactly? Snooze buttons. You don't become a superhuman celebrity or successful filmmaker or person who wakes up to the darkness and goes swimming when it's freezing cold outside by hitting the snooze button. It does not exist on The Rock Clock. 

Snooze buttons are for jabronies. 

Along with the day's alarm, the Rock will be uploading inspirational video messages to the app every day. "Chase your goals, chase your greatness," and other motivational phrases welcomed new users to the app on Monday.

The app is part of Project Rock, the Rock's personal mission to help people achieve their goals. The first project was a gear bag, which sold out immediately; two more projects are coming soon. 

The Rock Clock

The Rock and his life and career serve as inspiration to people who want to hit the gym with positive vibes propelling them through the day, including writer Felix Garcia, who regularly tweets his workouts to the celebrity. 

People are encouraged to share their progress through #ProjectRock on Twitter and Instagram.

It's a fun little app to inspire some serious shredding—or whatever your goal might be—but, annoyingly, you have to leave the app open in "sleep mode" in order for it to work. Also, the push notifications reminding you to put your phone in sleep mode if you want the alarm to go off are rather tedious—I've gotten one every time I close the app without activating it. 

My love and appreciation for the Rock can't be weakened by rogue push notifications, though. I'll try waking up with The Rock Clock to get me through these 30 miles this week—but I might set an extra alarm that doesn't need to be on in sleep mode, just in case I forget. 

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