This high-tech pepper spray sends photos of your attacker to police

the defender pepper spray
Here's looking at you, creep.

Lest you worry that all successful crowdfunding campaigns result in treacly Zach Braff films, take note: Indiegogo just incubated a promising innovation in the field of personal safety tech.

The Defender is a smartphone-linked pepper spray device that snaps a photo of your attacker when triggered, then uploads that image with GPS data to a “24/7 monitoring service” that deploys emergency personnel. A great way to jump-start the prosecution of scumbags!

The gadget has already pulled more than the $100,000 it needs to become a reality, though you still have time to throw the creators $159 for one of your own and “early adopter” status—as long as you’re on iOS or Android. Everyone else will be stuck with analog weaponry for a while.

H/T PetaPixel | Photo via The Defender/Vimeo

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