This artist is transforming Rio with larger-than-life Olympic installations

olympic large installations

Photos via JR / Instagram Remix by Max Fleishman

When it comes to art installations, this gets the gold.

There is no event for art installations at the Olympics, but if there were, French artist JR would definitely be going home with the gold. 

Utilizing metal scaffolding and semitransparent, monochromatic material, JR was able to create massive installations dedicated to the athletes who will be competing in Brazil during the 2016 Olympics.

Last touch of one of the giant in Rio! #ioprio2016 #workinprogress

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One of the installments sits atop a residential building in the heart of Rio and displays a high jumper clearing the building like its the bar placed for a jump. The athlete depicted is Mohamed Younes Idriss, a 27-year-old high jumper born in Sudan. Idriss trained for the games in Cologne, Germany. Though he came up short during qualification and missed out on this year's Olympics, JR wrote on Instagram that "he is there some how."

A second installation by JR is located at the shore of Atlantic Ocean in Rio's Barra neighborhood. An unidentified swimmer is shown mid-dive in the piece, which JR called his "first flying piece."

The artist is still in Brazil, working on additional pieces that will also aim to capture the spirit of the Games and its host city.

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