Google really, really wants you to ditch your iPhone in favor of Pixel

google pixel phone

Photo via Carphone Warehouse (CC-BY)

Are you ready to say goodbye to Apple?

As expected, Google announced its new Pixel smartphones today, and as the pre-announcement leaks indicated, the device is available in two sizes, with unlimited photo storage, and Google Assistant built-in. But what the leaks didn't reveal is just how desperate Google is to get you to switch from iPhone. Now we know. 


Not only is Google going all-in with a transfer assistant that moves all your iPhone media, and even iMessages, over to the new Pixel phone, but the company is even including the "quick switch" adapter with every single new phone. 

The adapter lets you plug your iPhone cable directly into the Pixel, allowing Google's device to rapidly transfer your contacts, music, texts, and calendar notifications, as well as your photos and videos. 

Oh, and Pixel also had a headphone jack, so that's neat. 

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